We Take Care of Our Clients

Nancy is a compassionate professional. She does an excellent job of helping clients achieve their goals for their spaces. She helps the client  get to a vision for the space and provides workable and practical solutions to meet the client's goals.

~ Rick C.

The thing that impressed me immediately with Nancy was that she was always on time. She is one of those people that can do just about anything; she is smart and enjoys helping people the most. Highly recommend her!

~ Barbara G.

I had found Nancy on Facebook as I was looking for someone to help my daughter organize her home. She has a problem with overbuying toys and has a very disorganized home with little storage space. Nancy was very positive she could help Andrea and tackled the main areas of the house with her. What a difference it made! Not only is my daughter more organized, but she works with her small children daily to clean up areas that they leave a mess. They now know where everything goes due to the system Nancy set up. Thanks to Nancy, my daughter and her children are so much better at maintaining an organized home!

~ Denise

I found Nancy online.  My house (and garage) were full and overflowing with my parents and sisters' estates. Nancy was a godsend. Always on time and interested in how I wanted to proceed. She is very professional and worked quickly and efficiently. I'm so thankful for her help.

~ Bonnie

I cannot let any more time go by without thanking Nancy for everything she did to help my friend and client with her move. The family had been living in this large house for 20 years with four children who are now full grown. I had encouraged my client to get professional help for a few weeks, but could see she was running out of steam. The initial conversation with Nancy made a huge difference in my client's demeanor, and she saw hope! After the first day, my client told me how amazing Nancy was, that she had supplies, and worked alongside my client to identify what to pack, donate, or discard. Nancy even listed out the contents of each box and created a spreadsheet to make the move to Oregon that much smoother. Thank you, Nancy, and I look forward to working with you again.

~ Sylvia G.

I was suffering from Post Home Remodeling Syndrome (PHRS), inertia overtook my body and mind and I, frankly, just kept procrastinating, so I decided to look online for someone to motivate me to get 'er done! I was very fortunate to have chosen Nancy Collins with Simplified Spaces. She was timely and responsive throughout the service she provided, listened to any special requests I had, provided ideas I never would have considered that were extremely helpful, had a strong work ethic, and gave me all the details and costs prior to beginning the project. Nancy was also courteous, kind, and wanted to get to know me to help facilitate an easy working relationship and to give her an idea of what I preferred. I was hesitant to hire someone thinking, "I can do this," but hiring Nancy was one of the best investments I've ever made. She even gave me other ideas to enhance the beauty of my home! My house looks great!

~ Patrick B.

"Wow what a difference! Nancy recently brought her magical skills to my garage. The whole experience was delightfully cathartic. She is excellent at Organization, Problem solving, and Follow up. I highly recommend anyone with an organizing procrastination block to take two vitamin C and call Nancy. I feel so much better now." 
 Barbara D.