Managing Your Space

Should be Achievable + Sustainable
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We know how overwhelming it can be to try to get organized. Whether it's to downsize for a move, declutter your home or office, or start from scratch, we get it. We've been there. Let's work together to develop an easy, gentle way to manage your home or small office environment.


Located in Orange County, California, Simplified Spaces by Nancy helps you arrange your space, declutter if necessary, and achieve order with no guilt, no judgement, and lots of fun. We'll work together with you, not to perfect your environment, but to maintain it.

It's time to forgive yourself, let some things go, and organize the rest. Your things don't own you; you own them. Our rates are reasonable, we're fully insured, and your peace of mind is priceless. 

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What People Say

"I would highly recommend Simplified Spaces by Nancy. Nancy is very good at what she does. Her passion for helping others to clear their space shows that she clearly cares about every client she works with."

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From the Blog


Take Terror out of the Task

It breaks my heart when I get a call from a client and their first words are, “I’m a hoarder.” Why? Because it’s become a catch word for people who struggle with their environment and feel like they have too much stuff!


Love Spring? Here's a Tip!

Spring is the perfect time to deep clean, organize, and declutter your house. Fresh and Clean makes it so much more enjoyable. If you choose one room a day you will be done in a week! 



It’s here…it’s in the air..can you feel it? One of my favorite times of the year—it’s SPRING! What do I love about Spring? Fresh Air. Here in Southern CA we've had rain and rain and rain. Also lowers! They are everywhere!