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It's Not About the Stuff

So glad you tuned in! I am so excited that you are sharing in my new journey! I am hoping that this can be an INTERACTIVE relationship: we'll learn tricks, tips and tools together to help you create a little more calm within the midst of the actual THINGS in your life. Please DO let me know your thoughts, questions, likes, frustrations when it comes to sorting, categorizing and storing your stuff! I love hearing other people's thoughts and ideas, that's how we learn right?

So, that said, you know what word I actually dislike (won't say hate, that's a pretty strong word, but dislike is definitely what I feel)...I dislike the word CLUTTER. You know why? It's become such a negative word, and it's counterpart, DECLUTTER is a word that strikes guilt in the heart of most of us...."oh my gosh I want to play with my kids but I need to DECLUTTER the kitchen counters for dinner"..."I get so mad at my kids because they need to DECLUTTER their rooms and they won't do it" just sounds so GUILTY. Do we all have clutter? Well, if you are human you probably do, you know why? I have decided that clutter is relative. What is clutter to you might not seem clutter to your husband, kids, roommate...see what I mean? So the word can come to mean something that we dread rather than choose to deal with.

The bottom line is we all have items to organize and deal with, but it's all about perspective. Sometimes it's not about being super organized. But it is about being organized ENOUGH...enough to be able to find that bill from last week, that stray sock your daughter wants to wear, your kids' vaccination records, that phone number you wrote on a sticky that's what we need help with. Because when the little stuff gets dealt with, the big stuff eventually starts to take care of itself. And then we have time to spend with the ones we want to, doing the things that create memories.

It's not about the stuff. Welcome Aboard.

An Actual working bathroom of a client
Things can get overwhelming before you know it

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