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Take a little time to breathe....

Yep, we are in interesting times right now. You may be working from home, you may be working with your kids doing school unexpectedly...time to take a breath and not worry about your environment right now. Time to spend time with your family. In the long run, this will be something we look back on with amazement at how well we all have done. I'll be posting things on all my social media, (feel free to follow me on Instagram and FB, links on my website below) to help us all maybe take a better look at our environment and make small changes (this is not the time for a massive declutter, no need to disrupt things even more), but this week is all about KINDNESS, Consideration and a little self care. One of my all time favorite professional organizers is Amanda Sullivan, author of the life changing book "Organized Enough". I wanted to share a couple of things from her blog "The Perfect Daughter" this week and address the panic buying we have all experienced the past two weeks. Her words really resonated with me about how to take a step back and assess what some of us are feeling (me included):

" Despite my cynical approach to marketing, at heart I'm an optimist. While some may panic, I see an opportunity here.

It's natural in times of uncertainty for people to have the urge to stock up. Even I, at my husband's insistence, got some extra toilet paper. But I live my life confronting the problems caused by abundance, not scarcity. What if I had to make do? What if my family was suddenly quarantined for two weeks? Could we use up the stuff from the back of the pantry? Could we use up the mini shampoos we brought back from vacation? The leftover paper napkins from bygone birthday parties?

I'm not in denial. I got some rice and beans and pasta, because I'll use them eventually. But I also know that going to the store and seeing emptied shelves triggers something that makes you want to buy stuff that you probably don't need-and it also leaves less for other people.

That said, this pandemic may be the one of the most real disasters we've faced in a while. We should try to be calm, rational and logical. By all means, stock up. But take inventory first, because if it turns out you already have a ton of Robitussin in the back of the closet, the civic and organized thing to do is leave that last one on the shelf at CVS for someone else."--Amanda Sullivan,

Thanks Amanda for these words of practical wisdom. Have a great week everybody, relax, make some popcorn and throw on a movie, and hang out. Be with the ones you love. The clutter is not a character flaw, it's a stage in your life, and right now it's time to Breathe

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