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Sometimes it IS About the Stuff...

I spend a lot of time and hopefully compassion helping folks disengage from their stuff. It’s such a blessing to see their faces as I’m helping them create more space in their homes, and more space in their lives. It opens them up sometimes to more space in their HEARTS too…they find things they thought were lost, or they come across some memento of times gone by. When they are disengaging from the past of a loved one who has passed away, or kids that have grown…it’s a great job this professional organizing gig.

Whenever I can I persuade them to give back—donate items no longer needed or wanted but that are still very much in the condition to bless someone else with. I have several organizations I encourage them to support with their donations and I always explain to them WHY I support those organizations to give a meaning to a name.

Which brings me to my Blog this week….this is a tough one to write, so I am begging you to open your hearts with me. One of my all time favorite organizations is a well known non profit that offers clothing and accessories to those who are attempting to get back on their feet and get—and keep—a job. The organization is Working Wardrobes in Irvine CA. If you need clothing or accessories, or gas money to get and keep a job, they have your back. If you are a veteran returning to the workforce, they have your back. And they have what you need. It’s an amazing organization, and you know you are welcome when you come because their sign SAYS so…right when you pull in the parking lot. In the last month alone I have been instrumental in donating over 500 pieces of clothing and accessories to their warehouse. Last year I bet we donated a couple thousand.

And then, it burned down on Saturday. Everything was lost. Clothes, shoes, accessories, gas cards, office equipment and computers used to run the organization, gone. My heart broke because I know THEIR hearts broke. To my clients it was just…STUFF. But to someone else, it meant a new job, a new start, a new LIFE.

If you are so inclined please reach out to me, and I can help you help them. Or you can reach out to them directly at Money, gas cards, grocery store cards, and when they find a place to start again, clothing. To you it might be stuff, but to them it’s gold

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