• Nancy Collins

Renew, Reset, Refresh

It’s always a relief for me to put the holiday decorations away. As much as I love the holidays, putting things back in their place always gives me a chance to be thankful for the past but forge on towards the future. I’ve never been one to do the whole resolution thing (I have enough reasons not to keep up with myself without one more thing to not remember to do), so this time around I thought “new year, new decade, what do I want to accomplish that would actually give me some satisfaction?” while the typical “lose weight, get more organized, read my Bible more”…are all good, I should focus on those all year, not just in January. So this time around I came up with words that I want to reflect on to make my life and the lives of those I love more meaningful.

COMPASSION. I work with people in this business that struggle with negative feelings about themselves because 1) they think they are hopelessly disorganized, or 2) someone else has told them they are. Negative self talk pervades their thoughts, and it hurts me to see them feeling like they are insignificant. EVERYONE HAS MEANING. I want to bring more compassion to others.

HEALTH. No, this is not the same old same old : lose weight, get more rest, exercise, yada yada. I’m talking about refreshing my life and the life of my family with healthy thoughts as well as healthy food. But yes, we are walking more, eating better, and slammin’ that water down more. We are also telling each other we love each other more. And pointing out positive things about each other.

JESUS TIME. We all are believers in our family. I am trying to remind myself that the most important relationship I have is with the One who created me. First. And upholding the ones I love in prayer for specifics is going to change things, I believe it. I want my kids to see Him in me, in the way I work, the way I play..I can’t do that without being with Him more.

FUN. Well, this is a no-brainer for us. Even though my kids are adult, fun is super importaint. We do fun pretty well….but there is ALWAYS room for more. More laughing. More trips to Disneyland. More places to go. More movies as a family. More plays to see, music to listen to, dogs to walk and play with. If we’re too busy to have fun, we are too busy.

This is the 2020 I want to have. How about you?

It’s not about the stuff…..

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