• Nancy Collins

It's Your Time to SHINE

Aargh…Decluttering! It’s a good news-bad-news concept. The bad news? It’s something that you either love to do or can ‘t seem to get started to do…The good news? It feels so good when its done! We’ve been talking about the 6 steps in the Lean Six Sigma process, which is one of the processes Professional Organizers use when they approach a task. It’s a 6 Step process that works with many many different tasks, not just organizing, but it works really really well with how I would approach your organizing issues. The 6 steps, once again:

SORT (figure out what you have)

STRAIGHTEN (get it in some kind of order)

SHINE (once you’ve gotten it in order, spiff it up a bit)

STANDARDIZE ( get a workable system going)

SUSTAIN (keep the system going)

So this week, let’s focus on step 3: Shine.

Ah, I love the word shine. Shine, Shiny, Shining….they all just bring a smile to my face. Who doesn’t like shiny things? Who doesn’t love it when your bathroom is so clean it SHINES? Doesn’t your heart feel great when the sun is shining? Remember your dad always shining his shoes? It’s a great word, because it’s a verb (shine it up), but it’s also an adjective (boy that window just SHINES).

So what does this have to do with organizing? Simple. Don’t just put all your items in piles of the same thing, clean it up a bit. Stack it neatly. Place small things in baskets or containers, especially if they are in drawers or on shelves. Largest to smallest, left to right if you are hanging clothes in your closet. Smaller items in the front of the shelf, larger items toward the back.

And you will too!

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