• Nancy Collins

It's a Work in Progress...

It seems like every major street I drive down in my neighborhood is under construction. You know what that means…UGH!!! Backed up traffic, impatient drivers, people in a hurry but an’t do anything about it…..and everywhere I turn all I see is signs that say WORK IN PROGRESS.

It’s annoying and frustrating. I usually get stuck somewhere ONLY when I am already late or in a hurry

And I got to thinking…you know, the organizing process is a lot like that….it feels so great to get items in order, arranged neatly, retrievable….until something happens to put things out of order, then another, then another, and it seems like the process starts all over again. Organizing is not something that stays put, you know? Its great for awhile, then life happens, someone else doesn’t see the vision we do, things get misplaced….ORGANIZATION IS A WORK IN PROGRESS.

In my quiet time each morning I try to order my day, check my calendar, read my Bible, get centered, then get my clothes ready, pull out whatever paperwork I need to finish my job for that day (invoices, quote forms, contracts, etc.), get the breakfast ready for my husband…and it seems if one of those steps get out-of-kilter, I can let it really throw things off. I can choose to let it throw me, get upset, or just go with it. I realize that the day is …..that’s right, a WORK IN PROGRESS.

Take a look at some of these images from jobs I have done. These spaces didn’t become out of order overnight, they were gradual…the office space became a catch all to put things, the pantries became “oh just put it there I can move it to the correct shelf another time”, the closets became “too tired to put it away, maybe later”. Disorganization is also a work in progress. But you know what’s cool? It’s just that—progress. So putting it all back together is the same way.

If you are frustrated with the way something is out of order in your space, remember, you too are a Work in Progress. Give yourself the grace to start where you are today to put just one or two things away, rearrange a drawer, hang up a few clothes, fold that laundry and put it away. Just one thing. Become your own Work in Progress.

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