• Nancy Collins

From Chaos to Christmas....

This time of year it can be daunting to say the least to not get overwhelmed with all the necessary “I-have-to-do” things…and it can drain the holiday cheer right out of you! A special should out to the website “" for some of these time and space organizing ideas…and a few of my own! Some of these are good for before, and some AFTER the holiday madness !

1) Cookie exchange? Pre-bake and freeze—decorate all at once! I know the sounds simple, but, seriously….it’s a deal breaker!

2) wrapping paper rolls…gotta love ‘em, gotta hate ‘em…here’s an easy storage idea: inexpensive clear garment bags—then hang them! Works with all your wrapping paper, not just Christmas! You can often find these at the dollar store or even Target/Walmart.

3) Pre-mark your bins for storage BEFORE you use them—so when you pack up you know where to put things…and everyone else does too (you DO make everyone else in the family help with the de-decorate process, right?)

4) Speaking of bins—-you don’t have to buy expensive bins to store your holiday items…look at this great idea: repurpose wine bottle boxes (you can get them from your local store) for ornament storage! Shout out to for this idea!

5) Brilliant idea for ribbon storage, and easy to use what you need too: a paper towel holder!

6) Stumped for gift giving ideas? Love the idea of gift cards/gift certificates but putting them in a card is so…meh? Look at this cute and inexpensive idea! Fill a mason jar with candy, tie with a ribbon—too cute, too easy!

I hope these ideas will hope you focus on the blessings of Christmas...and remember to declutter to make your space more inviting and relaxing so EVERYONE can enjoy it!

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