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It’s here…it’s in the air..can you feel it? One of my favorite times of the year—it’s SPRING!!

What do I love about Spring?

…. Fresh Air (here in Southern CA we have had rain and rain and the air is clean and it’s wonderful)

---Flowers! They are everywhere! We even made the news this year with all our wildflower—the Super Bloom they call it. In all my years here in CA I don’t remember ever seeing so many wildflowers. My allergies aren’t happy but they don’t get a vote this time, it’s gorgeous.

…We get to go outside! We have parks, we have the beach, we have Disneyland, Universal Studios, we have a garden in our back yard…FINALLY we get to GO OUTSIDE! The park next to my street is super happy to see so many little ones playing on the slide and swings again!

…BASEBALL!!! I grew up with brothers and played the game, I live 2 miles from Anaheim Stadium where my beloved Angels play….OH MY GOSH BASEBALL!!!

…And of course it wouldn’t be Spring without the Perk up to my home. Time for a little Spring Cleaning—this year we are installing Garage organizers and shelves professionally, so we will be sorting, purging, and organizing…We will be able to get at least 1 car in the garage finally! By the Way if the garage is one of your dreaded duties this Spring, I can help..ask for my 10 Tips for Organizing your Garage list.

Happy Spring! And remember: “The things that matter most should never be at the mercy of the things that matter least—Goeth.

I’m here to help.

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