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7 THINGS....

7 Things you can do RIGHT NOW to get in the organizing habit…

1) Decide to Decide. Yes, I know that sounds redundant. But sometimes the way to get “unstuck” with getting a little more organized is just that—DECIDE to get unstuck. Notice I said “a little more organized”—that’s where you start. Don’t let the idea of getting more organized take on a life of its own. Eat the elephant one bite at a time so to speak.

2) Start with small. Go through the mail. Purpose to go through the mail every day within 20 minutes after you get home, and go through it over a trash can to offload the junk mail. Hang up your clothes that are in the laundry basket and put the rest away. Clean out your spices in the pantry. Put your car keys in the same place and make sure everyone else does the same. Small task, just one small task. Day 1. And then do this every day.

3) Purge one area you know you can deal with. Maybe it’s the pantry—toss the expired food or the “why did I buy that again?” stuff that you might not think is so great now. Maybe it’s the bathroom sink area. Or one shelf in the linen closet. Think about why that area got overrun and cluttered: too much stuff? Not organized in a manner that make it easy to put things away properly? Fix that. Smaller is better—do you really need 4 sets of towels? Why? Is your washing machine broken? Do you need 5 bottles half full of Windex? See where I’m going here?

4) Have a “move it or lose it” basket/box/whatever. Family members that don’t put their things away before bedtime can find it in the box. After a couple of days, figure out what the consequence is for not retrieving it. DADS TOO.

5) Every family member has their own laundry basket. This is a game changer. Even if your kids are small t’s one less step to folding and sorting on the living room couch. When it comes out of the dryer, sort it then and there into the appropriate basket and deal with it when you can. Or let them do it. Even a 2 year old can put their clothes in drawer or at least on their bed and learn to sort it.

6) Make a meal plan for the week. Seriously, this takes about 10 minutes on a Sunday night. Look at the calendar and see who needs to be where at what time and write down what you are making for dinner on what night. If you are brave enough do the same for breakfasts. So much easier to look on Monday night hat you need to make on Tuesday.

7) Have a “Hey mom we’re out of (or getting low on) list in the kitchen.”Game changer here too. If we’re down to the last ½ inch of milk, encourage someone to add it to the list. I personally LOVE the app for my phone called “grocery”—as I need something I add it to the list RIGHT THEN—and then when I go to the store half my grocery list is done. Oh by the way you can share it with other too (cough-cough-husband) and when they are near a store they can just grab what you need. Oh by the way you can add things like laundry supplies to that list too…

These things done slowly become a habit and your organizing becomes a sustainable process. How fun will that be? Less panic, more peace, save money and time because no more “where are my” or “why didn’t someone tell me we are low on?”” conversations.

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